When the quarantine for COVID-19 started, I had to put my current teacher training on hold since doing it online wasn’t an option for me. I truly felt that to be present with someone meant you had to be in person with them. Over time, working on the zoom platform with my students, both private and group classes and the positive interactions, my comfort level grew and my mind was changed. With only 20 hours left in the training, we decided to finish online with Zoom. 
On the 15th of July we celebrated our completion with a Zoom online graduation ceremony. With great joy I would like to congratulate our new Yoga Teacher graduates, Melanie Roth, Kathy Cahill, Treina Aronson and Katie Zonoff. A special thanks to Melanie for sharing the picture of the altar she made during our ceremony.
The power of Yoga and our willingness to go beyond the limitations and isolation of a pandemic is amazing. Illustrating that no matter what obstacles life throws at us, our connection to each other and our commitment to work together is at the very heart and mind of Yoga.
During this time let the space for quiet and reflection deepen our practice and explore our own inner strength.
In peace,