Class Description

At SoundYoga our classes are designed to meet a variety of Yoga experience. All classes are sequenced by experienced Yoga instructors with your health and safety in mind. Morning classes are more energizing while evening classes are more relaxing. The following descriptions will help you to choose the class that is right for you.




Yoga Flow – All Levels

Balance effort and ease in a class that combines the meditative flow of breath-coordinated movement with the strength and stability of longer held postures. Heat-building sequences based on the fluid movements of sun salutations will purify the body and mind.

Restorative Yoga for Restful Sleep

A blend of gentle and restorative Yoga to help you unwind and de-stress from your day so you can ease into a restful night of rejuvenation. Great for your body, mind and health.

Gentle Yoga

Moving slowly with the breath allows you to feel each posture deeply. We will integrate both dynamic and static movement as we explore the restorative benefits of Yoga. The class will include sound in movement, seated breathing and meditation.

Yoga I

This class uses a combination of dynamic as well as static postures (asanas) to help build flexibility & strength. The practice will change from week to week progressing to a deeper level of relaxation, increasing stamina and expanding energy. Beginners welcome!

Yoga I-II

For students who have some experience with Yoga I classes and are ready for a more advanced class. Practice the basic postures in more challenging ways, further developing your strength, flexibility and balance.

Yoga II

Designed for students who have some experience in the basics of yoga and are interested in furthering their knowledge with the practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation. NOTE: Requires three months prior experience.

Gentle, Restorative Yoga

A blend of gentle and restorative Yoga to help you rejuvenate your body’s energy and health. This slow paced, gentle restorative class will help you release tension from your body and mind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day.

Happy Hippy Yoga

This hip focused class will guide you through various Yoga poses and exercises to support your pelvic health. Improve your overall flexibility while also building strength and balance in your hips.

Strong Bones Yoga

Improve posture, build strong bones, and strengthen muscles by incorporating light to moderate weights into your yoga practice. A video version of this course is now available in both VHS and DVD!



“My first experience with Yoga was in a large studio where the instructor was not able to give individual instruction, and I was unsure if I was practicing correctly. I tried another studio, but was disappointed again. After those experiences, I lost interest in Yoga — until I found Sound Yoga 9 years ago! What an amazing difference. Sound Yoga’s atmosphere is warm and welcoming to students of all abilities. The studio is small and offers a comfortable, intimate space in which to practice. The class sizes are limited, allowing the instructors to provide individual attention to each student to ensure they are practicing Yoga correctly and benefiting from the practice. Sound Yoga offers a variety of classes and instruction style, so that students can accommodate their daily schedules and learn from different instructors. I always come away from class feeling uplifted and focused — what a great way to start the day!”


“So glad that you were still here when I came home to West Seattle after 10 years. Still as wonderful, as when I first discovered your studio in 2005, after my cancer surgery…and fell in love with Yoga.

More so today, since now I need additional accommodations (with aging) to keep Yoga in my life. Thanks to your Gentle Yoga Classes, seniors as well as folks with temporary injuries can continue to stay active, mobile and safe. Fully participating weekly in Yoga without fear of injury or even strain. I am so grateful!”


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