Have you ever had a gut feeling or intuition about something? You are trying to make a decision but you aren’t sure which way to go. Something deeper is trying to guide you. Are you listening? Do you take the time to reflect and not just react?

In Yoga we call that inner voice Purusa. This is the part of us that observes our actions and experiences from the moment of birth until we die. This observer, or inner GPS, is always guiding us (whether or not we are listening) towards where we should be and what we should be doing. You could say Purusa is the formless, unchanging, individual consciousness at the core of our being. Its nature is stillness and clarity. Unfortunately, our minds are constantly being influenced by all the external stimuli that clouds our ability to connect to our Purusa.

Trusting in your higher self comes with practice. This is where Yoga comes in. We stop, breathe and let our minds connect with our inner being to hear what is being revealed to us. Over time this gives us the confidence to listen to our gut, to know that in our quiet moments our answers to our questions are revealed and our Purusa is guiding us.


Chris, Karie, Shelly & Maria