“I arrive at class knowing that Chris has a plan for us that day…which she attends to diligently. This allows me to focus on my poses and movement and not wonder “what’s next?’. Her voice is crystal clear. Her check-ins, meditations and chants make class a full body/mind/spirit work-out. My practice at Sound Yoga is a very important part of my life thanks to Chris.”


“Yoga, what a scary notion for a 72 year old man to contemplate. I pretty much always considered yoga to be too woo woo for me. But given my aging body, stiff joints, increasingly poor balance I knew I had to do something.

My wife introduced me to Chris and her studio in West Seattle. A couple of things about Chris and her mode – no bs and no jargon. Very welcoming. I now take two classes a week. One of which is a combination of yoga and weight training. Very rigorous and I’m the only guy in the class.

I must say my flexibility, strength and balance have all improved. The bottom line, my golf swing and score are noticeably improved. Works for me.


““I was directed to this studio by a retired physician; a serious student and teacher of yoga.  This studio is as careful as they should be with their student’s. Before each class (there’s a question from the instructor to each student: “How are you today?”  The class is then directed by the results of everyone’s issues, pains, comfort, etc. and we all get a great session.”

Tracy M.

“My first experience with Yoga was in a large studio where the instructor was not able to give individual instruction, and I was unsure if I was practicing correctly. I tried another studio, but was disappointed again. After those experiences, I lost interest in Yoga — until I found Sound Yoga 9 years ago! What an amazing difference. Sound Yoga’s atmosphere is warm and welcoming to students of all abilities. The studio is small and offers a comfortable, intimate space in which to practice. The class sizes are limited, allowing the instructors to provide individual attention to each student to ensure they are practicing Yoga correctly and benefiting from the practice. Sound Yoga offers a variety of classes and instruction style, so that students can accommodate their daily schedules and learn from different instructors. I always come away from class feeling uplifted and focused — what a great way to start the day!”


“So glad that you were still here when I came home to West Seattle after 10 years. Still as wonderful, as when I first discovered your studio in 2005, after my cancer surgery…and fell in love with Yoga.

More so today, since now I need additional accommodations (with aging) to keep Yoga in my life. Thanks to your Gentle Yoga Classes, seniors as well as folks with temporary injuries can continue to stay active, mobile and safe. Fully participating weekly in Yoga without fear of injury or even strain. I am so grateful!”


““I’ve been attending classes at Sound Yoga since 2013. Several years ago, I was experiencing immobilizing lower back pain. In one private session with Chris, she helped me develop a practice that relieved my pain and strengthened my back, avoiding costly physical therapy or more invasive medical procedures. In addition to classes, I am now enrolled in teacher training. Through my education and practice at Sound Yoga I am developing a body awareness and intuition that allows me to simply and effectively address common physical and mental maladies of my everyday life. Sound Yoga helps me stay healthy!


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