We all want a mind that is steady, focused and tranquil. Unfortunately, obstacles are often in the way of achieving this.

Our state of mind is different everyday since it reflects the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes this can lead to a mental state and attitude quite opposite of our intended goal. Patanjali reminds us in I.33 that we can observe and influence our attitude which can then affect the way we perceive, feel and relate to others. For example, when someone has had a great accomplishment in their lives do you congratulate them or is there a little bit of envy at their success? Are you compassionate when someone is suffering and needs help? Are you able to stay unbiased when someone creates chaos or causes harm? When we become judgmental it can take away from feelings of friendliness, compassion and appreciation towards others. 

These are some of the reflections in everyday life we can easily notice. And if we notice some feelings of unfriendliness, envy etc., it is important to show compassion towards ourselves first before we reinforce the negativity in our own minds. This leads us toward reframing our usual state of mind, keeps us focused and ultimately will lead to a bit of tranquility. It is then that our compassion and kindness to ourselves and others becomes closer to the state of mind we are striving for.