This month the teachers each take a turn at sharing their thoughts about the community that is SoundYoga.
Sangha, or community, is what has made my job as a teacher so rewarding these past 15+ years. What we create together in our classes is a safe, warm, and grounding place. Here you can take yourself less seriously, and enjoy moving with mindfulness and curiosity.  Week after week we come together with humor, support and acceptance. There’s something special about our shared experience that keeps us all, teacher and students, coming back.  I’m so grateful for my students, and most of all I love to see the bonds and friendships they form and nurture.
Since joining the SoundYoga community over eight years ago, I have felt a strong bond within all of the various classes at our studio.  The commitment to health and well-being demonstrated by our students and my fellow teachers is truly key to the cohesiveness of our Yoga community. Thank you all for being an important part of our SoundYoga Sangha. 
For me, the meaning of sangha has shifted since we moved our yoga classes online. I’ve been amazed at how well virtual yoga classes can feed the need for human connection, and that to be together doesn’t necessarily have to mean sharing physical space. It really is possible to feel the connection as we breathe together, sing together, wish each other well, and lift our hearts to a common intention even while physically distanced. A bonus for me has been watching our sangha extend wider than the physical boundary of the studio walls, with students logging in from near and far.
SoundYoga is not just the building that we call our Yoga home. I started SoundYoga with the intention of sharing the transformative power of this tradition of Yoga which is, was and always will be about relationship. Patanjali refers to this relationship on two levels. First, how we take care of ourselves by maintaining our Yoga practice and a healthy lifestyle (the niyamas), and how we care for others and the environment by wearing masks and social distancing (the yamas).
Even though the pandemic has kept us from being together, the relationships we have fostered and the community we have created has not been diminished. We found a way to embrace these changes that were beyond our control and still maintain the transformative power of Yoga and practice.
Thank you all for sticking together during this new adventure in our lives. You are all appreciated!