Śraddhā (faith) is essential for progress,
whether in Yoga or any other endeavor.
It is a feeling that cannot be expressed or intellectually discussed.
It, however, is a feeling that is not always uncovered in every person.
When absent or weak,
it is evident through the lack of stability and focus in a person.
Where present and strong,
it is evident through the commitment, perseverance
and enthusiasm the person exhibits.
For such a person, life is meaningful.”
T.K.V. Desikachar
The above translation of the word Sraddha by TKV Desikachar, is full of meaning, insight and concepts which aid my self-reflections every day. I made several changes in my life over the last year and a half, as the world and environments seemed to dictate I do so. As our state forced us into isolation I began to slow down. When feeling lonely, depressed or isolated, I would use the above definition of sraddha as a reminder of what was still deep inside me. 
 As I took time for myself, maybe a nap, maybe to sit quietly or maybe to just stare out the window, I realized that Sraddha may be hidden, but it is still deep within each of us. It is reflected and present as we continue our daily work and care for others. It may have been weakened a bit by the world’s events, but it is evident as we maintain our relationships with others. It is Sraddha that helps us progress in this new environment, whether it be a new way of teaching or learning a new hobby or other creative endeavor. It also allows us to have courage to let go of things that may not have been serving us and to embrace our new paths which feed our soul. For many, it reminds us of our connection to God or what is highest for us. 
So, if you find yourself a bit weakened, know that Sraddha is just under the surface, waiting to help us progress to the next step or phase in our life, whatever that may be. We are all rich in so many ways. Finding a way to give back or pay it forward or share your talents might be the next chapter in this exciting time called life.
in Sraddha,