You have heard me talk about contentment, Santosa, over the last few weeks. It is something I am always thinking about in my own life. When am I content? At the top of my list is holding my dog and walks with my husband. What knocks me out of it? Having too much on my plate. How do I regain my balance? Meditation. It helps me to focus on that contented space within me and bring me back to balance.

As my teacher taught me, the first step in meditation is to link to a reference. This means using the mind to refer back to a time, place or experience when you were most content. The reference can also be a picture or object you have that when seeing it makes you feel at peace.

For me, that reference in my meditation practice results in lowering my blood pressure and allowing my mind and physical body to melt into that place of peace and contentment.

Start reflecting on what tips you out of balance and what helps to bring you back to contentment? Is it sitting quietly and taking some long easy breaths? Maybe it is seeing an eagle soar overhead that gives you a little release.

Take some time each day to contemplate and set your intention for a contented day.