I am sure some of you have heard me say how I love a good rut. I am not a happy changer. This last year has been crazy with change. It is interesting how I/we have adjusted to it all. Sometimes I can really dig my heals in and resist change and sometimes I can just move with it.

How do you react when there is change? Does it throw you for a loop, or does it create a positive perspective? There is change that is thrust upon us too quickly and there are times when it is too slow to satisfy us.

The Yoga Sutras talk about these different kinds of change and how they manifest. There is the idea of change that comes from things we implement or are responsible for, such as going a on a diet and then actually losing weight. Then there are changes that come from outside ourselves such as in nature, a storm or the corona virus. And lastly there is change that comes from someone else, like a spirit of generosity that changes and enhances your life in some way. Each sequence of events transforms us in some way.

In the Yoga Sutra Patanjali also speaks about change as part of the natural process of life. But it is with practice that we gain the awareness of the eventuality of change, how to weather it, act in a patient way and adapt accordingly if need be.

I think the last year has given all of us the opportunity to reflect on how we have dealt with change and to see the potential positive side of taking new steps. It is a mixed bag. Many times, these changes have made life easier. For me, moving to Zoom and a paperless environment wasn’t easy some of the time. I am lucky to have the support of three of the most amazingly patient women in Shelly, Karie and Maria, and all of you, to keep SoundYoga alive for 23 years. Thank you!