Celebrating 20 Years of Yoga! 

SoundYoga Teachers:  Maria, Virginia, Shelly, Cheryl, Julie F, Chris, Karie, Julie J
SoundYoga Teachers: Maria, Virginia, Shelly, Cheryl, Julie F, Chris, Karie, Julie J

Welcome To SoundYoga®

If you’re new to Yoga or simply looking for the right place to stretch your body and mind, SoundYoga is for you.

If you’re an established Yoga student tired of competing for floor space, mats, or being one of 40 people in a Yoga class, SoundYoga is for you.

In fact, we’re so sure you’ll enjoy the SoundYoga experience, we’re offering your first class for free*

*Only for people who are new to SoundYoga.

SoundYoga is just what you are looking for. . .

  • We offer small group classes (10 max), to support personal growth, through individualized yoga instruction, in a beautiful studio with heated bamboo floors.
  • In SoundYoga’s peaceful setting we focus on you, your body and your breath – practicing with a few other students under the guidance of well-trained Yoga instructors. We offer a variety of classes, each adapted to individual’s needs, body types, health status, and personal life goals.
  • SoundYoga’s teachers are all Certified Yoga Teachers in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, a distinction rare to most yoga studios, and focus on adapting postures to the individual, sequencing them optimally, and ascribing therapeutic value to specific movements and breathing.

SoundYoga also provides classes in corporate settings, weekend workshops on special topics, Yoga Therapy in a one-on-one setting, and certified 500 hour teacher training. For home use, we also offer a video that incorporates yoga and light weights entitled “Strong Bones Yoga.”

If you’ve never visited our studio, simply call us at 206.938.8195, and let us help you find the right Yoga class.

“No noisy gym, no locker room, just small classes with people of all abilities who want to do yoga. We focus on gently moving with our breath, working on strength and flexibility at the level appropriate for each individual . . . . It’s an oasis in my week that I always look forward to.” – Sue W.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga has been used for more than 5000 years to unite mind, body, and spirit. In Yoga we combine movement, breath, meditation, and sound to calm the mind, stretch and strengthen the body, and bring a sense of well-being and joy to our souls.

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At SoundYoga we teach in the living tradition of T. Krishnamacharya, a great yogi who lived to be 101 and made many contributions to yoga practice throughout the world. This lineage is carried on by his son, T.K.V. Desikachar through the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.

Three of Krishnamacharya’s many contributions stand out.

First, he separated yoga from Hinduism and Indian culture. Yoga has always been a health practice, but as part of the Indian culture it was practiced mainly by Hindus. Krishnamacharya, in his wisdom, realized how important it was to separate the two, focusing on the health benefits and thereby making yoga accessible to anyone.

His second contribution was to teach yoga to women. In ancient times both women and men practiced yoga, but through the years it developed into a practice only for priests (who were men). Krishnamacharya returned yoga to all people.

His third contribution was to individualize yoga, making its practice applicable to all types of people with various conditions.

Krishnamacharya’s son Desikachar studied with his father for 30 years. He observed his father’s individual approach, and the therapeutic benefit of developing a personal relationship with the teacher.

Why Is Yoga Good For Us?

Many national and international studies have shown that yoga can improve our health and well-being. Yoga increases flexibility and improves posture and balance. It reduces stress by lowering stress hormones and increasing circulation to our organs with focused breathing. Yoga strengthens our muscles and bones. It can help to relieve pain in some conditions by increasing blood flow. Yoga improves brain function by integrating the right and left sides of your brain through movement.

Who Is Yoga For?

Everyone, regardless of age, ability, or experience can benefit from Yoga. Depending on the student and the goal it might be employed to reduce stress, increase flexibility, relieve pressure on a certain part of the body or to develop better focus, strength and peace of mind.

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This tradition of yoga is especially therapeutic for people with stress and high blood pressure, as well as for people with health concerns like arthritis, asthma, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, heart disease, repetitive strain injuries, and pain.

“The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and since the class size is perfect they can go around the class and give you individual help with any position you are doing.” – Heidi M.