Full Moon

by | February 17, 2020

I love it when our sky is clear enough for us to see the moon. Growing up in eastern Washington there were few nights when you couldn’t see it. Every night I was provided with a new viewpoint as the moon waxed and waned.   Here in western Washington, once in a while, this time of year, we are blessed with seeing the moon and on February 9th it was a full moon! It is referred to as the snow moon because it often snows this time of year (see 2019). It was dazzling: generous, round, orange and oh so beautifully clear. I was so uplifted and energized by its presence. It is still etched in my memory.   Do you feel the energy of the moon? It’s subtle, sure, but the moon affects the oceans and exerts its subtle energy on our watery bodies. The full moon gives us the energy to get out, do things, start new projects or be with our friends. The dark or new moon is more contemplative, introverted and calm, good for making plans, reading and studying.   Try reflecting on the full moon and see what transpires. Happy full moon!