Balance, Inspiration and Creativity

by | April 19, 2019

I am so glad it’s finally Spring!! The sun is out, flowers are blooming, trees are returning to their green color and there is a wonderful sense of freshness in the air.
Coming out of a long cold winter, we may find ourselves a bit out of balance. The transition from winter to spring is often the hardest for us to make. We go from a dry, dark and cold season with more static time (on the couch) into a cool, damp, heavy season ripe with growth of all kinds. It might throw us out of balance.
Spring is a wonderful time to rejuvenate, feel inspired and even change our yoga practice. Returning to a state of balance, whether it be physically, energetically or emotionally, is something Ayurveda and Yoga can truly help with.
Ayurveda the Indian science for health and sister to Yoga, offers a variety of cleansing and re-balancing foods and herbs for this time of year to get our systems back in order. Along with a new yoga practice to support the longer days and the energy needed to clean the yard, get back into our gardens and of course household spring cleaning, will help us move away from the hibernating state we may have been feeling.
Revisiting sun salutations, making a fresh new recipe of spring greens to get our systems running and learning a new chant which honors nature and the new seasons, will get us back into balance and feeling inspired to get back to our creative natures.
Let this spring be one of balance, inspiration and creativity. Let us all support each other to fulfill whatever goals our creativity moves us toward and let that energy support others as we all stay in harmony with nature this lovely season.
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