by | May 4, 2016

OK, this is going to really date me. I was at the first Earth day. Growing up on a farm we were always recycling but didn’t call it that.We threw out table scraps into the orchard for compost, burned our paper in the burning barrel. There wasn’t any plastic back then. Milk came in glass jars or cardboard. We cleaned our cans and flattened them to take to the tin recycling.On that first earth day we headed up into the canyons around Wenatchee and picked up litter. We brought the litter back and dumped it on the lawn of the high school so the garbage people could come and take it away. Which they happily did.

I’m still picking up garbage and wagging my finger at litterbugs. It is just who I am. I care about this planet and its future.Little did I know that even way back then I was practicing Yoga, specifically,the Yamas. The Yamas, Patanjali’s first limb, gives us suggestions for living in harmony with the environment as well as cultivating kinder, more honest interpersonal relationships. As we enter the beautiful season of spring let’s continue to challenge ourselves to practice the Yama of living in harmony with the earth.