Seasonal Changes

by | June 17, 2017

As we enter summer I reflect on Ayurveda’s way of looking at seasonal changes. Kapha moving into pitta or what we know as spring moving into summer gives us an opportunity to reflect on how our habits should change to meet the seasons. For instance in the winter I am inside more, I tend to lean toward warm, cooked foods. The last thing I want is a salad. In the summer I can finally look forward to all the fresh fruits and vegetables and eating them. I love salad when it is warm out and I find that summer allows my system enough fire to digest it well. I also notice that as the sun stays up longer so do I. I am outside in my garden, digging in the dirt and enjoying the long summer days. I get to swim in Lake Chelan. I also notice that my body moves easier in the summer. These are the earmarks of pitta. That combination of warmth of the sun and moving more lifts my spirits. Take a few moments to notice if you have adjusted your lifestyle to the summer or are you still hibernating? Enjoy the summer!
In Peace,