Olympic Spirit

by | August 14, 2016

I was watching the Olympics this week and noticed how people from almost every nation in the world joined together for one common goal – to be the best in their sport. What truly struck me was how everyone was getting along and supporting each other. Countries let go of their differences and the spirit of competition was displayed with great enthusiasm and joy.  This prompted me to reflect on the notion of peace and how it can manifest in our daily lives.

Last weekend my friend Julie and I were standing in the water at Lake Chelan. Our cell phones off and back on our blanket, we were able to truly notice our environment. The water was cool, the sky was blue and little kids were playing around us. Maintaining a mutual silence while in the water, Julie and I we were totally in the moment, similar to a meditation. Young and old, families and groups of friends, a mix of nations and cultures just enjoying each other’s company. We all collectively chose on some level to remove ourselves from our normal activities, responsibilities and commitments, in the hope of experiencing being relaxed and at peace.

Making a conscious effort to create peace often means, we need to delink from our normal distractions so we could recharge and be present. Peace exists when our minds are linked totally to an experience, rather than wishing or wanting for another. It is interesting how many of the athletes interviewed at the Olympics expressed just that, they wanted to have fun and just enjoy the moment.

Whether it is the example of the Olympics, yoga practice or just deciding to have a day of rest, I am hopeful that we can someday have a peaceful world. The human mind’s ability to move from a place of distraction to a focused, present state, makes me confident this can happen for all of us!

Until then, try to find the peace within yourself. It is then that we become the kind of people who can live at peace with others.