20 Years!

by | February 20, 2018

Thanks to all who made our 20 Anniversary Celebration a success. We donated $761 to the West Seattle Foodbank. Shelly put together a great restorative setup for all to try and many did. The West Seattle Blog came and took pictures. Minutes after Patrick left we were trending on the blog. What Fun!!!
I have another cause to celebrate. As some of you know I have been writing a book on Yoga with a couple of colleagues for the last 10 years (yes 10 years). It is in the final stages of editing and will hopefully be at the printers by April 1st. The first part is a little background and history of Yoga and the second part is filled with great information about the practice of āsana, prāṇāyāma and meditation. In the second part you learn how to sequence a practice and try out a few practices we have suggested. Hope you all enjoy it!
As our long awaited spring approaches and we start to see little buds popping out and crocuses emerging from a long winter sleep I feel a lightness in the air
Happy Spring!!!