Yoga Has a Rhythm

This quote comes from one of my favorite reflection books, 365 Yoga, Daily Meditations by Julie Rappaport.
“Like music, Yoga has a rhythm. In your own practice this rhythm should be personal and specific to you. Often we get out of synch with our own true nature. The food we eat, the work we do and the people we share our lives with all affect our rhythm. In Yoga practice the pace of your movement should ideally be performed to the rhythm of your breath. This may change from practice to practice.
Practice: – Notice the state of your mind and how this influences the pace of your practice. – Sustain a posture for several breaths. How does this feel? What effect does it have on your mind?”  -  Julie Rappaport.


Thank you once again for helping us understand ways we can support our yoga community.   We will be looking for ways to incorporate new offerings, so stay tuned.

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