The Mystery of Meditation

When I first came to Yoga the biggest mystery was meditation. There is the misperception that in order to meditate one must sit and empty your mind, totally. Have you ever tried that? I found my mind just got busier and busier. What I do know is that when I do some asana (movement) with intention, and focus on my breath or sound, my mind will start to calm down.

The next question is, now that it has calmed down what should I do? As asana calms the body, pranayama (focused breathing) can help to calm the mind even more and I can finally do a bit of reflection. Even in the process of reflection there are steps one can take to go even deeper. This movement from the outside world into my interior world happens through intention.

Today my life is an ongoing meditation in which I follow my intention to give my attention to whatever activity I am engaged in at the time. Whether it’s practicing Asana, focusing on the meaning of life, doing the laundry, or being fully present while talking with a friend. While I’m not always 100 percent successful, meditation has been transformed from being an impossible task to being a profound, lifelong process of clarifying my values and perception while improving my relationships with myself and everything in my world. Oh yeah, and it’s really fun.

In Peace,

Chris Dormaier

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