Stress Reduction Through Stillness

Restorative Yoga –
Stress Reduction through Stillness by Milo Minnis (our Restorative Teacher)

When we are in a dangerous situation or under high stress, our body’s  systems react. Through a series of physiological changes we may see an increased heart rate, increased blood flow to the muscles, and increased brain activation. Triggered too often, these can put a strain on our bodies and damage organs.

The good news is there’s a way to reverse damage done to our bodies by stress that exercise and sleep  alone won’t do.

Restorative Yoga (Active Rest) enables the parasympathetic system to be activated, opening the body, allowing it to relax and leaving us renewed and energized.

The research on the tangible results of Restorative Yoga date as far back as 1934 when Dr. Edmund Jackson found the strong relationship between relaxation and its effects on blood pressure, indigestion, colitis, and insomnia. More and more research over the last fifty years corroborates the beneficial overall health effects of Restorative Yoga, including  research by restorative guru, Judith Lasater, Ph.D., and Dr. Roger Cole of the University of San Francisco.

SoundYoga is proud to offer Restorative Yoga as part of our on-going curriculum. Join us every third Friday from 6:30 – 8:00pm. It’s your opportunity to counteract the stress in your life and provide the relaxation your body needs and deserves.

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