In chapter two of the Yoga Sutras, Yoga’s foundation text, Patanjali introduces ‘Sauca’ as one of the eight limbs’ lifestyle guidelines. Defined as ‘cleanliness’ or ‘order’, Sauca is presented as a requirement for cultivating a more sattvic (steady, calm, centered) mind. The sutras makes a definitive connection between a clean, orderly external environment and mental clarity.

Personally, I can attest to feeling calmer, more at peace when my home and life are in order.

Based on Patanjali’s insights, when I see the more seasoned students teaching the newer ones the preferred method for blanket folding,I find it a beautiful, inspiring sharing of a meaningful Yogic principle.   All this is not to say that I may be a just a tad persnickety. In any case, until further notice, it’s ‘tassels in’ please. And have a great day!

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