Restorative Yoga

There is a place in Seattle where young people come together to share a meal, complete their high school diploma or just hang out and socialize in a safe place. It is the Orion Center, a community supported venture for homeless kids. I volunteer from time to time to help make a dinner. Recently, with another SoundYoga student, we decided to commit to make this dinner one Thursday every other month, beginning in May. If you have been wanting to give back and not sure just how to do that this may be the opportunity for you. We are looking for two or three people to help prep the meal and three to four people to deliver and serve the meal. It is an afternoon commitment. The need is growing. Last year there were only 20 coming for dinner. Just recently we served over 50. If you are interested please email me at

Every month we have been offering a Friday evening Restorative Yoga class. I am always asked what this class is like, so I interviewed the instructor, Milo Minnis who is an Advanced Certified Restorative Teacher.

Q. How is a restorative class different than a regular yoga class?

A.  In a restorative class you will do come simple active yoga asana to loosen you up and prepare your body to relax. The Restorative part of the class will allow your body to then open, NOT stretch.  This opening of the body allows it to relax so that the you can restore your body, take away stress and heal.  There is an actual chemical reaction within your body that happens in Restoratives that cannot happen in active asana yoga. Restorative Yoga is such a great compliment to active asana practice.  It is important to move your body and keep it limber but our bodies need to actively rest, too.  Sleep is not resting, as your mind is spending time working things out. Restoratives allow you time to take care of your body by being still.

Q. Can anyone do this class or do I have to have some yoga experience?

A. Most people can do restoratives.  There are some poses that might need to be modified, but since Restorative Yoga is healing it really does help every “body”.

Q. What are the benefits of restorative yoga?

A. There are a number of Restorative poses and each one offers different benefits, but here are some of the benefits they generally offer: stress reduction, reduction of insomnia, lower blood pressure, relief of stress in the muscles of the back and enhanced breathing and lung function.

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