Opening up space

I love to travel. I pack my bag with all the things I think I will need to keep me happy for the time I am gone: clothes, shoes, books, etc. I am content with taking that small portion of my life with me. When I return home I look around my house and wonder why I have so much stuff; especially when I didn’t even use everything I brought with me on my trip. And yet, I was still happy.

When I left my parent’s home at 18, I zoomed out of the driveway in my ’68 Camero with just my clothes and a sewing machine. It would take a semi to move me now.

Every year I do the Oprah closet thing. This is where you turn your hangers in one direction and as you wear something you switch directions.   One year later, I can see clearly what I have worn and what I haven’t. At this point, it is off to Funky Jane’s, my local, aptly named, consignment store. It is all about lightening my load and keeping me on my path. A wise man once said that at some point we become nothing more than caretakers to the things we own.

As we open up space in our closets we create space in our minds and hearts.Once we have space, we have the freedom to decide how best to use this newfound openness.

Enjoy your summer everyone, and say hi to Funky Jane for me.

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