Hectic Holidays

Happy Holidays to all the students and supporters of SoundYoga. Without your support we could not continue to offer great yoga to all of you in West Seattle.

The holidays can be a bit hectic, here are some ideas to reduce stress:


  1. Set some personal goals
  2. Give yourself time to relax. Do nothing and figure out how to do nothing one hour every day – you need down time
  3. Exercise every day – do something, walk, yoga, swim, tai chi
  4. Learn to say no to extra commitments. If you say yes, drop something else, be firm with yourself. Recognize overload.
  5. Start to recognize what stresses you out. Write down and note how you could have dealt with it less stressfully.
  6. Make your life regular. Go to bed at the same time. Get up at the same time. Keep doing it even if you can’t sleep. Read a book etc. (no TV or video games) Make sure you get in bed at the same time. It may take several weeks to regulate your body clock.
  7. Keep your blood sugar steady and eat more veggies.



  1. Start to become aware how you react in situations.
  2. Practice relaxing in tense situations-lower your voice, it rubs off.
  3. Learn to breath better.
  4. Pay compliments
  5. Make decisions – don’t be wishy washy
  6. Do YOGA!!!

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