Dans la paix

I am learning French.  When a friend asked me to go to Paris with her we decided that it would be fun to learn French together. We had our first lesson together, then the timing never worked after that and I was on my own. I was afraid and overwhelmed that first day (and a few after that) but what I found in this new adventure was much more than learning a new language. Overcoming our fears is always a challenge.
We are all comfortable with what we know and are used to doing. Although we get excited about a new venture, the patterns of being comfortable are hard to conquer. I am sure some of you have heard me say, “I love a good rut.”
This complacency gives us the illusion of control but it makes our world smaller. To make your life more expansive try something you have never done before that you have always wanted to try. Reflect on the courage and energy it brings to you and try not to look for a certain outcome, just enjoy the ride. (PS – this is called Kriya Yoga.)

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