Birthday Blessing

Happy 16th Birthday SoundYoga!

Yoga has stood the test of time for over 5000 years. The only way most great things can survive and flourish is by one generation sharing them with the next.

Yoga teaches that by carefully choosing to focus our attention on an appropriate object, we can naturally improve the quality of our lives.  As a result of this sustained focus, we will easily adopt the behaviors needed to reduce our suffering. In addition, this focus can help us to become better, more conscious beings and possibly even link with that which is eternal.

This Birthday Blessing to you is written and shared with these thoughts and feelings in our minds and hearts. All the teachers at SoundYoga and myself offer our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to insure the flourishing of these timeless teachings by passing them on to you!

As we celebrate 16 years, I sincerely hope we have already, in some way, contributed in your personal growth and will be allowed to continue nourishing not only your body and mind but your spirit as well.

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