A Calmer Place

I just came back from a three week vacation. My friend Julie asked me to go to Paris with her. I can’t remember the last time I was gone for three weeks that wasn’t Yoga or work related. Maybe 1996.
Before I left a friend gave me this blessing. “Let every moment you will spend there be a moment of joy and refreshment in body and soul.” This message kept coming back to me, reminding me of my intention. The first two days all we did was sleep. We did lots of walking which really slows you down and allows you to see the world from a different perspective. The color of a flower, the smell from a bakery or the beauty of a vegetable stand. I began to realize that this was not a normal vacation. I was on a pilgrimage, laying down new patterns and habits. Every day I felt stronger and stronger and more rested than I had felt in a long time.  We were nourished by eating good food, bought and prepared fresh each day (my friend Julie is a great cook!), experiencing amazing art and meeting wonderful people.
This slower pace helped us to just ‘be’ and stop ‘doing’. Seeing the world from this new perspective gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own health and mental wellness. It was wonderful to have some time to relax, reflect and regain energy to work again. Now that I am back I see that my life could easily get turned back into a “doing” kind of life focused on the exterior world. I consciously take more time each day to walk, using this time to reflect and enjoy the moment. Surprisingly what  needs to be done gets done and I am in a calmer place.

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